Vol 4, No 2 (2012)

Table of Contents

Article General

Highbrow cultural activities, social background, and openness in lower-secondary level students PDF
Stephan Kröner, Miriam Vock, Alexander Robitzsch, Olaf Köller 3-28
Teach First: Pedagogy and outcomes. The impact of an alternative certification programme PDF
Daniel Muijs, Chris Chapman, Paul Armstrong 29-64
How accurately do principals evaluate the strain experience of their teaching staff? PDF
Bea Harazd, Stefanie van Ophuysen, Julia Gerick, Mario Gieske 65-83
Profiles of strain coping at the beginning of a teacher education program at the university PDF (Deutsch)
Josef Künsting, Melanie Billich-Knapp, Frank Lipowsky 84-119
Confidence scores as measures of metacognitive monitoring in primary students? (Limited) validity in predicting academic achievement and the mediating role of self-concept PDF
Eva Susanne Fritzsche, Stephan Kröner, Markus Dresel, Bärbel Kopp, Sabine Martschinke 120-142
How effective are educational systems? A value-added approach to measure trends in PIRLS PDF
Jenny Lenkeit 143-173
Creativity development during elementary school: On measuring creativity within the PERLE-Project PDF (Deutsch)
Caroline Theurer, Nicole E. Berner, Frank Lipowsky 174-190


Book Review: Maag Merki, Katharina (Hrsg.). (2012). Zentralabitur. Die längsschnittliche Analyse der Wirkungen der Einführung zentraler Abiturprüfungen in Deutschland PDF (Deutsch)
Manuela Endberg, Julia Kahnert 191-197