Vol 9, No 3 (2017)

“Who’s afraid of talking to parents?” Professionalism in parent-teacher conversations

Table of Contents


“Who’s afraid of talking to parents?” Professionalism in parent-teacher conversations PDF
Martin Gartmeier, Gernot Aich, Daniela Sauer, Johannes Bauer 5-11

Article Focus

Teachers’ and parents’ beliefs about effective teaching and their assumptions on the other group’s perspective PDF
Regina Jucks, Lena Päuler-Kuppinger 12-25
The Gmuend Model for teacher-parent conferences – Application and evaluation of a teacher communication training PDF
Gernot Aich, Michael Behr, Christina Kuboth 26-46
Parent-teacher counseling: On ‘blind spots’ and didactic perspectives. A qualitative-reconstructive study on teachers’ counseling responsibilities PDF
Daniela Sauer 47-81
Simulated conversations for assessing professional conversation competence in teacher-parent and physician-patient conversations PDF
Anne B. Wiesbeck, Johannes Bauer, Martin Gartmeier, Claudia Kiessling, Grit E. Möller, Gudrun Karsten, Martin R. Fischer, Manfred Prenzel 82-101

Discussion about the Focus Topic

Professionalism in parent-teacher conversations: Aspects, determinants, and consequences. A competence-oriented discussion PDF
Heike M. Buhl, Johanna Hilkenmeier 102-113

Article General

Facing student disengagement: Vocational teachers’ evolution of their classroom management PDF
Céline Girardet, Jean-Louis Berger 114-140
The role of out-of-school organizations in German regionalization programs: A qualitative content analysis of opportunities for participation PDF
Franz Koranyi, Nina Kolleck 141-166