Vol 9, No 2 (2017)

Educational Research Literacy

Table of Contents


Educational Research Literacy PDF
Jana Groß Ophoff, Benjamin Rott 5-10

Article Focus

Domain-specificity of research competencies in the social sciences: Evidence from differential item functioning PDF
Christopher Gess, Insa Wessels, Sigrid Blömeke 11-36
Assessment of Educational Research Literacy in Higher Education: Construct validation of the factorial structure of an assessment instrument comparing different treatments of omitted responses PDF
Jana Groß Ophoff, Raffaela Wolf, Sandra Schladitz, Markus Wirtz 37-68
The utility value of research evidence for educational practice from the perspective of preservice student teachers in Austria – A qualitative exploratory study PDF
Christina Haberfellner, Thomas Fenzl 69-87
Fostering of applicable educational knowledge in student teachers: Effects of an error-based seminar concept and instructional support during testing on qualities of applicable knowledge PDF
Martin Klein, Kai Wagner, Eric Klopp, Robin Stark 88-114
Mathematical competencies in higher education: Epistemological beliefs and critical thinking in different strands of pre-service teacher education PDF
Benjamin Rott, Timo Leuders 115-136
Effects of different response formats in measuring Educational Research Literacy PDF
Sandra Schladitz, Jana Groß Ophoff, Markus Wirtz 137-155

Article General

Gender differences in the perception of moderate constructivist learning environments – The effects of autonomy support by means of students’ choice PDF (Deutsch)
Inga Desch, Melanie Basten, Nadine Großmann, Matthias Wilde 156-182
A pink dog with 20 legs – An explorative study on the beliefs of elementary school children explaining engagement in artistic leisure activities PDF
Elisabeth M. Schüller, Stephan Kröner 183-204
Academic orientation using self-assessments: Attitude change towards subject of study while conducting an online-self-assessment PDF (Deutsch)
Karina Karst, Bernd-Joachim Ertelt, Andreas Frey, Oliver Dickhäuser 205-227
Utilization of extended education offerings at all-day schools in the German-speaking part of Switzerland PDF
Marianne Schüpbach, Benjamin von Allmen, Lukas Frei, Wim Nieuwenboom 228-244
Is prosodic reading a strategy for comprehension? PDF
David D. Paige, William H. Rupley, Grant S. Smith, Timothy V. Rasinski, William Nichols, Theresa Magpuri-Lavell 245-275
Academic preparation of teachers-to-be for research-based learning in everyday professional work PDF (Deutsch)
Stefanie van Ophuysen, Lars Behrmann, Bea Bloh, Martina Homt, Jennifer Schmidt 276-305