Vol 9, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


List of Reviewers of Volume 8 PDF
Wilfried Bos, Cornelia Gräsel 5-6

Article General

Why does a new consent procedure during an ongoing longitudinal study influence data quality PDF (Deutsch)
Christoph Homuth, Monja Schmitt, Christian Lorenz, Daniel Mann 7-31
A model for the estimation of testlet response time to optimize test assembly in paper-and-pencil large-scale assessments PDF
Martin Hecht, Thilo Siegle, Sebastian Weirich 32-51
Effects of social learning networks on student academic achievement and pro-social behavior in accounting PDF
Christoph Helm 52-76
Extent and distribution of socio-economic and immigration-related inequalities in the language abilities of 5-year-old preschool children PDF (Deutsch)
Tobias Linberg, Sebastian E. Wenz 77-98
Student evaluation of high-school teaching: Which factors are associated with teachers’ perception of the usefulness of being evaluated? PDF
Eyvind Elstad, Eli Lejonberg, Knut-Andreas Christophersen 99-117
School-to-school networks as a strategy for school development: Evidence-based building of networks with schools in challenging circumstances PDF (Deutsch)
Annika Hillebrand, Tanja Webs, Eva Kamarianakis, Heinz Günter Holtappels, Nina Bremm, Isabell van Ackeren 118-143
The collection of migrational data in official school statistics in Germany PDF (Deutsch)
Thomas Kemper 144-168
Teacher students’ epistemic beliefs about general pedagogical knowledge: Topic-, source- and context specificity PDF (Deutsch)
Samuel Merk, Jürgen Schneider, Thorsten Bohl, Augustin Kelava, Marcus Syring 169-189
Using the Dynamic Model of Educational Effectiveness to explore development of practice by Teach First beginning teachers PDF
Alison Hramiak 190-209


Walzebug, Anke (2015). Sprachlich bedingte soziale Ungleichheit. Theoretische und empirische Betrachtungen am Beispiel mathematischer Testaufgaben und ihrer Bearbeitung PDF (Deutsch)
Frode Rønning 210-216