Vol 7, No 3 (2015)

Table of Contents

Article General

Mathematics teachers’ frame of reference at the end of lower secondary school: Convergence of measures across methods and effects on motivational-affective aspects of students’ mathematics learning and achievement PDF (Deutsch)
Antoine Fischbach, Martin Brunner, Stefan Krauss, Jürgen Baumert 3-27
The relationships between adult students’ achievement goal orientations, self-defined course goals, course evaluations, and performance PDF
Antti-Tuomas Pulkka, Markku Niemivirta 28-53
Mutual esteem as a success condition for cooperation processes between kindergarten and elementary school PDF (Deutsch)
Julia Höke, Petra A. Arndt 54-85
Organizational cultures in education: Theory-based use of an instrument for identifying school culture PDF
Nils Berkemeyer, Robin Junker, Wilfried Bos, Kathrin Müthing 86-102


Angrist, Joshua D. & Pischke, Jörn-Steffen (2015). Mastering ’Metrics: The path from cause to effect PDF
Isa Steinmann 103-105