Vol 7, No 2 (2015)

Teachers' diagnostic competences and their practical relevance

Table of Contents


Teachers' diagnostic competences and their practical relevance. Special Issue Editorial PDF
Annika Ohle, Nele McElvany 5-10

Article Focus

Text-picture integration – Teachers' attitudes, motivation and self-related cognitions in diagnostics PDF
Annika Ohle, Nele McElvany, Holger Horz, Mark Ullrich 11-33
Noticing and reasoning of teaching and learning components by pre-service teachers PDF
Stefanie Schäfer, Tina Seidel 34-58
An analysis of information search in the process of making school tracking decisions: Which judgment rule do teachers apply? PDF (Deutsch)
Ines Böhmer, Thomas Hörstermann, Cornelia Gräsel, Sabine Krolak-Schwerdt, Sabine Glock 59-81
The quality of pedagogical diagnostics in the teaching profession – Annotations to the special issue "Teachers' diagnostic competences and their practical relevance" PDF (Deutsch)
Stefanie van Ophuysen, Lars Behrmann 82-98

Article General

Educational choice and risk preferences: How important is relative vs. individual risk preference? PDF
Vanessa Obermeier, Thorsten Schneider 99-128
General and special education teachers' perceptions of teamwork in inclusive classrooms at elementary and secondary schools PDF
Markus Gebhardt, Susanne Schwab, Mathias Krammer, Andreas Gegenfurtner 129-146
Remarks on a test procedure for long-term learning progress PDF (Deutsch)
Götz Rohwer 147-156