Vol 6, No 1 (2014)

Effects of private tutoring

Table of Contents


List of Reviewers of Volume 5 PDF
Wilfried Bos, Cornelia Gräsel 5-6
Special Issue Editorial: Effects of private tutoring PDF
Karin Guill, Birgit Spinath 7-11

Article Focus

Why do parents employ private tutors for their children? Exploring psychological factors that influence demand in England PDF
Judith Ireson, Katie Rushforth 12-33
Effectiveness of private tutoring in mathematics with regard to subjective and objective indicators of academic achievement: Evidence from a German secondary school sample PDF
Karin Guill, Wilfried Bos 34-67
Do we need a special intervention program for children with mathematical learning disabilities or is private tutoring sufficient? PDF
Katharina Lambert, Birgit Spinath 68-93
Hidden privatization of public education in Cambodia: Equity implications of private tutoring PDF
William C. Brehm, Iveta Silova 94-116
Discussion: Private tutoring from Bronfenbrenner’s perspective PDF
Christoph Mischo 117-123
Discussion: Conditions, processes, and effects of private tutoring PDF
Jörg Wittwer 124-138

Article General

Facets of teachers’ motivation for professional development – Results of a factorial analysis PDF (Deutsch)
Daniela Rzejak, Josef Künsting, Frank Lipowsky, Elisabeth Fischer, Uwe Dezhgahi, Anke Reichardt 139-159


Koyama, Jill (2010). Making failure pay: For-Profit tutoring, high-stakes testing, and public schools PDF
Scott Davies 160-162
Dohmen, Dieter, Erbes, Annegret, Fuchs, Kathrin & Günzel, Juliane (2008). Was wissen wir über Nachhilfe? Sachstand und Auswertung der Forschungsliteratur zu Angebot, Nachfrage und Wirkungen PDF (Deutsch)
Thomas Mayr 163-168
Bray, Mark & Lykins, Chad (2012). Shadow education: Private supplementary tutoring and its implications for policy makers in Asia PDF
Yangboon Kim 169-172