Vol 3, No 2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Article General

Learning at workstations. Students’ satisfaction, attitudes towards cooperative learning and intrinsic motivation PDF
Christine S. Geier, Franz X. Bogner 3-14
Parent-child communication and academic performance. Associations at the within- and between-country level PDF
Daniel H. Caro 15-37
Cooperation of kindergarten and primary school. Activities and attitudes of kindergarten and primary school teachers PDF (Deutsch)
Gabriele Faust, Franziska Wehner, Jens Kratzmann 38-61
Impact of mandatory testing system and school context factors on teachers’ acceptance and usage of school performance feedback data PDF (Deutsch)
Uwe Maier, Thorsten Bohl, Marc Kleinknecht, Kerstin Metz 62-93
Choirboys and other academic-track students – determinants of musical activities at academic-track schools with different profiles PDF (Deutsch)
Eva Susanne Fritzsche, Stephan Kröner, Wolfgang Pfeiffer 94-118
Is there a relationship between lower secondary school teacher judgment accuracy and the development of students’ reading and mathematical competence? PDF (Deutsch)
Constance Karing, Maximilian Pfost, Cordula Artelt 119-147


Book Review: Bray, Mark (2009). Confronting the shadow education system. What government policies for what private tutoring? PDF
Karin Guill 148-151