Vol 2, No 1 (2010)

Table of Contents

Article General

Instructional Variables Involved in Problems Associated with Diglossia in Arabic Speaking Schools in Israel: PIRLS 2006 Findings PDF
Ruth Zuzovsky 5-31
Immigrant Student Investigation in PISA 2006: A Call for a More Nuanced Examination PDF
Steve Song, Péter Róbert 32-52
Development of Achievement Disparities in Czech Primary and Secondary Education PDF
Jana Strakova 53-71
The Effect of Varying Institutional Settings on Parental Aspirations and Teachers' Recommendations PDF (Deutsch)
Lydia Kleine, Nicole Birnbaum, Markus Zielonka, Jörg Doll, Hans-Peter Blossfeld 72-93
School Choice in German Primary Schools: How Binding are School Districts? PDF
Andrea Riedel, Kerstin Schneider, Claudia Schuchart, Horst Weishaupt 94-120
Teachers’ Diagnostic Perception – What Role Does Students’ Grade Performance Play in the Teacher’s Assessment of Mathematical Self-concepts? PDF (Deutsch)
Anna-Katharina Praetorius, Karina Greb, Frank Lipowsky, Mario Gollwitzer 121-144
The Influence of Family-School Relations on Academic Success PDF
Monja Schmitt, Lydia Kleine 145-167
Knowledge Conversion in School Networks – A Content-Analytical Reconstruction of Learning Processes PDF (Deutsch)
Nils Berkemeyer, Hanna Järvinen, Stefanie van Ophuysen 168-192


Knut Schwippert (Ed.). (2007). Progress in Reading Literacy. The Impact of PIRLS 2001 in 13 Countries PDF
Rolf Strietholt 193-196
Göhner, Peter (Hrsg.). (2004). Information Technology Online. Online-gestütztes Lehren und Lernen in informationstechnischen Studiengängen PDF (Deutsch)
Julia Gerick 197-199