Vol 1, No 1 (2009)

Longitudinal Assessments and Panel Studies in Educational Research

Table of Contents


Aims and Scope PDF
Wilfried Bos, Cornelia Gräsel 5
Ziele und Ausrichtung PDF (Deutsch)
Wilfried Bos, Cornelia Gräsel 6
Special Issue Editorial: Longitudinal Assessments and Panel Studies in Educational Research PDF
Wilfried Bos, Carola Gröhlich 7-9

Article Focus

Methodological Advantages of Panel Studies: Designing the New National Educational Panel Study (NEPS) in Germany PDF
Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Thorsten Schneider, Jörg Doll 10-32
To Those Who Have, Will More be Given? A Longitudinal Study Concerning the Development of School Achievement and the Effects of Social Background during Primary School PDF (Deutsch)
Hartmut Ditton, Jan Krüsken 33-61
AIDA: Adaptation during Adolescence. Theoretical Framework, Research Questions, Design, and First Results from the Berlin Longitudinal Study, Grades 7 to 9 PDF (Deutsch)
Johannes König, Christine Wagner, Renate Valtin 62-85
Does Classroom Heterogeneity in Secondary Schools Affect Student Achievement? PDF (Deutsch)
Carola Gröhlich, Katja Scharenberg, Wilfried Bos 86-105
Dissemination, Development and Explanation of Delinquency during Adolescence. Results of a Current Longitudinal Study PDF (Deutsch)
Jochen Wittenberg, Jost Reinecke, Klaus Boers 106-134
Early or Regular School Enrollment? How Parents Decide PDF (Deutsch)
Sanna Pohlmann, Katharina Kluczniok, Jens Kratzmann 135-153

Article General

How Stable are Reference Group Effects of Secondary School Track Recommendations? PDF (Deutsch)
Carola Gröhlich, Karin Guill 154-171
Video Storybook Reading as a Remedy for Vocabulary Deficits: Outcomes and Processes PDF
Marian J.A.J. Verhallen, Adriana G. Bus 172-196
School Effects on Students' Self-regulated Learning A Multivariate Analysis of the Relationship Between Individual Perceptions of School Processes and Cognitive, Metacognitive, and Motivational Dimensions of Self-regulated Learning PDF
Bruno Leutwyler, Katharina Maag Merki 197-223
Education and High-prestige Cultural Recreational Activities PDF (Deutsch)
Radoslaw Huth, Horst Weishaupt 224-240
Potential of the World Polity Approach and the Concept 'Transnational Educational Spaces' for the Analysis of New Developments in Education PDF
Sabine Hornberg 241-253


Issing, Ludwig J. & Klimsa, Paul (Hrsg.). (2009). Online-Lernen. Handbuch für Wissenschaft und Praxis PDF (Deutsch)
Birgit Eickelmann 254-258
Boers, Klaus & Reinecke, Jost (Hrsg.). (2007). Delinquenz im Jugendalter. Erkenntnisse einer Münsteraner Längsschnittstudie PDF (Deutsch)
Jasmin Schwanenberg 259-263
Ditton, Hartmut (Hrsg.). (2007). Kompetenzaufbau und Laufbahnen im Schulsystem. Ergebnisse einer Längsschnittuntersuchung an Grundschulen PDF (Deutsch)
Magdalena Buddeberg 264-266