Construct validation of a test measuring adaptive teaching competency in heterogeneous groups

Eva Kristina Franz, Vera Heyl, Albrecht Wacker, Tobias Dörfler


Competencies in dealing with heterogeneity can be regarded as one of the most important skills for teachers. The Effective Competence Assessment in Teacher Education (EKoL) project conceptualises a theoretically derived model of adaptive teaching competency in order to develop a vignette test. The empirical examination of the theoretically derived model is based on a large sample of preservice teacher trainees (n = 706). Results show that the assumed model fits well with the data.

The reported results contribute to the specification of the facets and structure of competencies in dealing with heterogeneity. In addition, first hypotheses about determining individual difference variables are generated.


Professionalization; Teacher competencies; Dealing with heterogeneity; Adaptive teacher competence; Construct validity; Structural equation modelling

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